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Travel List - Camping Vacation with Kids

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This list is meant to help organize what you will need for your trip.  You will need to add your uniquely personal items to this list.  Have a wonderful and safe trip!  Let us know if we've forgotten anything by clicking here.






 Other Items cont..














 pants / shorts


 soaps / shampoos








 extra batteries






 sand toys






 water toys / equip


 sneakers & sandals




 beach towels




 first aid & Tylenol


 bath towels


 bathing suits




 plates / bowls




 contacts / glasses






 razor & cream


 cooking untensils


 money / wallet


 feminine products


 pots / pans




 brush / comb


 cups / mugs (hot)


 flip flops (showers)


 nail clippers / file


 dish cloths




 face / bath towels


 dish bin


 Infant Items 




 dish soap


 comfort toy/blankie






 baby carrier


 Other Items






 groceries / food






 water / drinks




 bottles & supplies




 books / games


 kid cutlery


 sleeping bags


 bikes / helmets


 mosquito net




 laundry supplies


 diaper wipes


 air mattresses


 ziploc bags




 air pump






 water container


 fishing gear




 extra plastic bags


 fishing licenses


 playpen & sheets


 garbage bags


 tin foil


 baby carrier


 stove / bbq






 gas / propane


 camera / video




 lighter / matches


 floormat for outside




 mosquito repellant


  DVD player/ DVDs


 Toddler Items


 bug zapper


 itch cream


 booster seat




 life jacket(s)


 potty seat




 extension cord


 toys / books


 ice paks / ice


 marshmellow sticks


 hand wipes


 tent / trailer




 bed pad for night


 tarp / rope




 water shoes


 can / bottle opener




 sippy cups


 hammer / axe




 stroller / wagon


 broom / dust pan












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