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 Connect with Families in their Communities!
"Since promoting my business through The Parent Link, it has given me some fantastic exposure. I get calls and e-mails through my ad, on a regular basis.  They are very helpful to work with. The ad rates are very reasonable and it is obvious how much time and work they spend on marketing. I'll be back next session!"
- Claire Blicker -  Music Together Rocks -
There are a variety of effective ways to connect to families with The Parent Link.  All offer local exposure with an audience of parents and caregivers looking for solutions:
  • BANNER ADVERTISEMENTS offer exposure, exposure, exposure.  Without inundating our visitors with advertisements, we provide banner space that is strategically placed and programmed to draw attention.  Banner space is offered in various sizes positioned above and on the right side of the webpages.  Let us bring our visitors closer to doing business with you.

  • LIST ADVERTISEMENTS (FREE, Yes, FREE) are where potential customers come looking for you. Our visitors come to our site to find solutions to their needs, such as things to do with their kids (in our Activities section), or family resources (in our Directory).  List your business where potential customers are looking.

  • SPONSORED ARTICLES provide information about your business as content from our Home Page and/or in our E-Newsletters.  Our visitors are looking for information and advice.  Let people know more about your business and where to find you.

  • The Parent Link E-NEWSLETTER is an electronic newsletter that we send out 1-2 times a month.  It is a tool that enables your business to directly communicate to our E-Newsletter subscribers.  Our E-newsletter is permission-based (we never require people to sign up to enter contests or to become a member) and our subscribers are growing in numbers!
Contact us for more information, or to get started right away,
1. Register as an Advertiser to access our rates and further details.
2. Purchase Advertising Dollars (credit by Visa/MasterCard/AMEX or PayPal), then
3. Order your Advertising (instructions available once registered).
Start connecting today!

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